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An internet service providers (ISP) and a debit order facility have something in common: they both make things happen seamlessly. While an ISP makes connectivity to the internet possible for their clients, a debit order facility in South Africa makes it possible for businesses to get paid for the services they provide on time, accurately and reliably. In a nutshell, a debit order facility makes light work of the collection of monthly subscriptions, payments or premiums for your ISP. With no hassle or time-consuming administration every month, you are left to focus on your core business while PayPortSA’s debit order system takes care of collections. Over and above simplifying the way your customers pay you, there are numerous other advantages to using debit order facilities in South Africa.

Debit order facilities improve your cash flow and make good planning possible

When your clients have signed up to pay by debit order, you will know exactly when money will be in your account. This gives you, as the owner or financial manager of an ISP, the ability to plan and budget properly, and to exercise good control of your cash flow. Debit orders put you in charge of your company’s finances and bypasses the annoyance of having to wait and see when your customers decide to pay. Since the instruction to pay is initiated by the debit order facility – and not by your customer – the control is in your hands. With a debit order facility in place, your ISP can rely on being paid when payment is due.

Providing a cash-free and safe way of doing business

There is no avoiding the fact that being paid in cash is expensive and comes with risks – both for you and your customer. Debit order facilities remove the need for cash by taking payments onto a digital platform. Over and above the logistical simplicity that this creates for ISPs, being paid by debit order is more cost-effective than dealing with cash. In addition, debit order facilities in South Africa enable clients to be spared the high merchant fees and fraud risks associated with credit card transactions. In a nutshell, debit orders provide an affordable, safe and convenient way for ISPs to be paid for their services.

A payment method that’s paperless, convenient and future-proof

As an ISP, your business is forward-thinking by its very nature. The days of paper and filing cabinets are behind us, and one of the huge advantages of debit order facilities is that they enable payments to take place without any physical paper trail. All records are digitally stored and can be easily accessed through PayPort SA’s systems. Also, your customers can sign documents electronically when required.

Peace of mind and convenience for you and your customers

Once a recurring debit order has been authorised, your customer does not need to remember to pay for their internet service every month. The transaction will take place automatically on a date that has been decided upon. This provides security for your customers, as they know that they cannot forget to pay and then become liable for penalties or run the risk of having their internet service interrupted. With PayPort SA’s debit order facility in South Africa being completely secure, there is peace of mind for all involved.

The advantages of PayPort SA’s debit order facility

There are many advantages to choosing PayPort SA as your debit order partner:

  1. We are able to assist businesses of all sizes, from those processing only a handful of payments every month to large corporates with high volumes.
  2. All administration is done online. Once your customers are loaded onto the system, invoices will be generated automatically. Each transaction will be reconciled automatically and the funds deposited into your account. The process is smooth and hassle-free.
  3. You can access PayPort SA’s online portal from anywhere you have an internet connection. Online support channels are available, and service support consultants are just a phone call away if you need further assistance.
  4. PayPort SA is remarkably affordable, and we are able to settle your funds very quickly.

To find out more about debit orders and debit order facilities in South Africa, speak to the team from PayPort SA today. We also offer EFT payout services and account verification and validation.