About Payport SA Ltd.

Who We Are


With over 18 years’ experience in the world of E-Commerce, the founders of PayPortSA recognised the need for a Collections and Payments solution that would promise on deliverables with the most innovative and user-friendly platform; but most importantly, that we cater to all, big and small, by making sure our prices, suit your budget as much as it does your need.


It is for this simple reason that we strive to provide you with solutions, tailor-made to suit you, and that we always endeavor to meet you half way, on what matters most to you.


Whether it be, collecting funds from clients and/or debtors, to making single and/or bulk payouts to employees for payroll purposes, or clients who need to be refunded; PayPortSA is the company who will always go the extra mile to get more bang for your buck.

What We Do


At PayPort SA we have a keen appreciation of the critical part collections and payments play in the day to day aspects of running a successful business and using the PayPortSA Platform will ensure that this aspect of your company is well-managed and becomes a hassle-free, easy to use and secure payment and collection solution for YOU!


Over the years, PayPortSA has recognized that companies have different requirements as far as Collections and EFT solutions are concerned; thus we have developed a number of solutions to cater for them. These solutions range from simple web-based file delivery solutions, to fully integrated host to host solutions. Our technical team is constantly looking at ways to enhance our solutions to maximize ease of use, efficiency and reliability.

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