Account Verification

Data Validation – Electronic Banking Services solutions provide for full data validation prior to data submission, to ensure that the account details of your clients are correct before collections or payments are made. This helps reduce unpaid volumes and can also be integrated into your capture software used by your front line staff.


Account Validation Services:


The PayPort Bank Account Validation service verifies that the bank account and branch code are valid. This process is also known as a CDV check or Check Digit Validation and is a built-in feature of all our standard products.


Key Features and Benefits:


  •  Reduced unpaids: Enhance collections and reduce your administrative burden by verifying data and account details.
  • Integrated validation: Boosts productivity and is used to determine the accuracy of account details at first point of capture.


Note: This service will not tell you the account status (i.e. open or closed) or confirm that it belongs to a particular person, it will only confirm that the account number and branch code you have entered is valid to that particular bank its said to belong to. For this you would need the Account Verificaiton Services.



Account Verification Services


The PayPort Account Verification Service verifies the identity of an account holder against an account number. This feature can verify whether a particular individual or company holds a particular account number.


Key Features and Benefits:


  • Reduced unpaid: Enhance collections and reduce your administrative burden by verifying data and account details
    Simple & efficient: Use this batch-based solution to generate responses directly from other banks, usually within an hour of submission.
  • Account validation: Validate an account holder’s details to match ID numbers or company registration numbers with the account number.
  • Account status: Check additional information available, such as:
  • Account opened for more than three months
  • Active accounts
  • Account opened for debit or credit.

The Benefits of Using Payport SA Ltd.


Reduced Unpaids


Integrated validation


Enhance Collection Rates


Less Admin


Boost Productivity

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