Recent years have seen an ever-increasing number of people taking fitness seriously and “stepping” away from lazy lifestyles, junk food and weekends on the couch. One of the consequences of this health revolution is that more and more people are becoming members of gyms and health clubs, signing up for classes in everything from boxing and CrossFit to yoga and Zumba. In turn, owners of these gyms and health clubs have had to take a look at their financial “fitness” and put measures in place to ensure that their businesses can thrive amid the growing interest.

The impact of growth on gyms and health clubs

The influx of new “gymmers” making the most of the fitness facilities on offer makes it more important than ever for gyms and health clubs to have an efficient system in place for their debit orders. As the industry grows from strength to strength, clubs can be processing thousands of debit orders every month. Having to do manual changes to debit order runs becomes impossible as the numbers grow, but help is at hand to get your debit orders “in shape”. PayPort SA provides direct debit systems for gyms and health clubs in South Africa, paving an easy path to financial fitness.

Everything gyms and fitness club owners love about direct debit order systems

Debit order collections are quick to set up, simple and secure. These systems are designed to save you both time and money, and PayPortSA’s direct debit systems are both easy to use and affordable. These solutions provide personalised statement references and cater for start-up gyms and health clubs with just a few members, as well as established businesses processing thousands of debit orders every month. Recurring monthly processing makes light work of collecting gym fees.

Once members of your gym or sports club have had their details added to your debit order system, you know exactly when their fees will be in your account. This enables management teams to plan for the purchase of new equipment, as well as for any maintenance, upgrades or repairs that are required.

Direct debit order systems: helping health and fitness businesses to run smoothly

Simply put, debit order systems ensure that while your customers focus on their health and wellbeing, you can focus on their needs and everything you need to do to help your business grow. With PayPortSA’s debit order solution in place, collecting money from your clients is automated, stress-free and reliable.

Having a debit order solution in place means a steady, predictable cash flow for your business. Thanks to the security measures that are part of PayPortSA’s systems, debit order collections are both safe and efficient. As these debit orders are set up using automated systems, they provide a long-term and fuss-free solution for your fitness facility.

How PayPortSA can help gyms and fitness clubs stay financially fit

Gyms and fitness clubs are fast-paced, dynamic environments, and as the owner of such a club, you need a debit order solution that can keep up. Here are a few of the reasons why businesses like yours trust PayPortSA for their debit order needs:

  • PayPortSA’s system can be scaled to meet the needs of every business, from a small start-up to a gym catering for tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts every month.
  • By taking care of the debit order collections, PayPort SA saves management vast amounts of time, which can be put to use in other areas of the business. Once customers are loaded, invoices are generated automatically and transactions reconciled effortlessly..
  • PayPortSA’s system is easy to use, whether you’re at home or at the office. By simply logging into your online account, you can review and set the terms for your business’s recurring debit orders.
  • PayPortSA’s intelligent system offers account verification services and account validation services to minimise errors and non-payments.

PayPortSA is acutely aware of the importance that debit order systems play in the successful operation of a gym or health club. With a wealth of experience spanning more than 18 years, we have the right system and the industry-specific knowledge to help you go the extra mile and grow your financial fitness. Contact us today for more information.