Debit Order Collections

When your business model requires you to collect funds from clients bank accounts,
the best way to facilitate this requirement is by the use of our Debit Order Collections Service.

What Does Your Business Need?

Two Day Service

This service allows for collections from Monday to Friday – the run file must be received by Payport two business days prior to action date before 12h00. All funds for a particular run are transferred directly from/into the user’s nominated bank account at any banking institution. One consolidated amount will appear on the client’s bank statement and will be available in the User’s nominated Bank account on the evening of action date.

Same Day Service

This service allows for collections from Monday to Friday – the run file must be received by Payport by no later than 14h00 on action date. The debit transaction will appear on the client’s account on the day after the action date, but effective from the action date. (Next day, effective today’s date)

Intelli-Debit (NAEDO Debit Orders)

The Intelli-Debit, or NAEDO collection service allows you, the beneficiary, to collect funds owed via the NAEDO payment stream. The Intelli_Debit service helps to ensure collections and reduce non-payments and bad debts, by tracking the availability of funds in the account for the period of time you stipulate.


Credit tracking


Intelli-Debit Credit tracking is an optional feature of NAEDO, whereby the beneficiary (yourself) can choose a tracking period, so that should insufficient funds be available in the accountholder’s account on the first debit attempt, tracking will be invoked  for the chosen period. This will then invoke a system at the accountholder’s bank which will either monitor the account for incoming credits, and proces re-randommised. NAEDO then debits the account once a credit is detected, or reprocess the NAEDO debits a minimum of twice a day against the account. Should a transaction fail after the tracking period, it will be returned as an unpaid transaction.


Intelli-Debit has the following features:


Priority debiting:


Use NAEDO to take priority over normal debit orders and receive outstanding funds from debtors with failed payments


Credit tracking:


Track a debtor’s account for up to 32 days and process your debit orders when funds become available in the account


Transaction limit:


Use NAEDO to collect a maximum amount per transaction of R5000

Account Verify & Validate

Electronic Banking Services solutions provide for full data validation prior to data submission, to ensure that the account details of your clients are correct before collections or payments are made. This helps reduce unpaid volumes and can also be integrated into your capture software used by your front line staff.

Benefits of Using OUR Debit Order System:


Personalised Statement References


Recurring Monthly Processing


Client Data & Payment History


Automated System Ledger


High Volume Processing

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Integration Methods & Security

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