As a business manager, you need to streamline processes and create efficiencies wherever possible. By putting systems into place that automate tasks, save time and eliminate mistakes, you are freeing up your time to focus on your business’s strategic direction. One such system that every business should have is recurring debit order collection software.

What does recurring debit order collection software do?

In a nutshell, recurring debit order collection software takes the hard work out of receiving payments. It helps to improve your business’s cash flow while simplifying financial planning and crossing an important item off your monthly to-do list. Reports are provided, enabling you to track received and outstanding payments at a glance.

Everything PayPortSA’s software has to offer

PayPortSA offers a secure online portal that allows you as a business owner, once you have signed in, to get a birds-eye view of your payments or to take a closer look at a specific group of payments. On the system, you can view the profile limits that we have set for you, as well as monthly limits and line limits. You can quickly and easily upload new customers who need to be debited, and you can view the transaction history of an entire debit order run and the status of each customer’s payment.

A convenient and simple way to get paid

The system allows business owners to take control of their debit order runs, with options such as the following being available:

  • You can upload your recurring debit orders either manually or via batch upload.
  • You are able to stipulate the monthly debit order frequency and amount.
  • You only need to do this once and PayPortSA technology will execute the debit orders automatically every month.

In order to keep debit order runs quick and simple, PayPortSA only requires you to upload your debit orders once. After they have been uploaded, we will resubmit them on your behalf every month, as directed by you. PayPortSA’s system has been built with convenience in mind, and the following features will ensure that your debit orders run smoothly.

  • The system will show you a view of the entire batch of debit orders that are due to be processed on a particular date.
  • As a business owner, you are then able to reject a particular transaction from that batch if required, or amend the debit order value for a particular transaction.
  • The system displays the time and date when the batch is submitted to the bank, and once the batch has been processed, you will be able to see the results of each debit order.

Viewing the results of a debit order run

After each debit order run, PayPortSA’s system will show you at a glance which customers’ debit orders have been successful, which have been rejected (usually due to insufficient funds) and which have been disputed. You can then download the results of the debit order run as a CSV file. Thanks to PayPortSA’s reporting tool, which is described as game-changing, you can also create filtered reports to show specific data or particular customers.

Get your cash quickly

Once PayPortSA collects the funds from your customers, our standard settlement is as follows:

  • 90% after 7 working days
  • 10% after 22 working days

This is in contrast with other recurring debit order collection companies, which typically hold 100% of your funds for up to 40 days after each debit order run. PayPortSA also provides processing statements for each batch of payments.

Allow PayPortSA to take care of your recurring monthly debit orders so that you can focus on the bottom line and work towards getting more customers. Request a quote today and find out how we can help you streamline your business.