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Choosing the Right Debit Order Solution for Your Business

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As a business, there are many benefits to using a debit order service.


Before we answer the question of which debit order solution is the best one for your business, we first need to understand what a debit order is.


What is a Debit Order (or Direct Debit)


A debit order is initiated when a client completes a written or verbal (telephonic) debit order mandate, instructing a business to collect funds directly from their bank account.


South Africa has two types of Debit Orders:


  1. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  2. NAEDO (Non-Authorised Early Debit Order)


EFT as a Debit Order Solution:


  • EFT debit orders allow creditors to collect up to R500 000 per debit instruction.
  • EFTs are generally more cost effective than NAEDOs, but don’t come with the ability to track a client’s credit card or account. If funds were deposited into the account within the tracking period, these funds would be reserved for collection by the party initiating the debit.


NAEDO Debit Order Solutions:


  • NAEDO debit order runs are done in a random manner before EFT debit order runs, thus allowing creditors an equal chance to collect funds from their debtors.
  • NAEDO debit orders allow creditors to collect up to R5 000.


We hope that this brief overview of how EFT and NAEDO debit order solutions work will help you decide which debit order solution is best for your business.


If you need a bit more information or would like to chat to us about your debit order solution needs, chat to us.

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Payport SA Debit Card and Credit Card Solutions

3 Credit Card Solutions for Successful Merchants in South Africa

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South Africans are not new to digital payments. We have used credit cards to purchase goods on-line for a while now; but due to a fear of fraud, and having their credit card details stolen, South Africans are often hesitant to risk spending their hard-earned money online, more so than our European or American counterparts.

So how do merchants in South Africa convince their clients that it is safe to purchase online?

Here are answers to the top three questions our merchants have, that will help allay shoppers fears, and will help merchants better understand credit card solutions for their businesses.


1. Do I Need Credit Card Solutions for Credit Card Holders, in Store and Online?

Most merchants understand that offering credit card payments as an alternative to cash is a non-negotiable. However, many smaller businesses do not qualify for bank card machines. For our online merchants, credit card payments are the norm and a credit card solution needs to be found. It is important to find an alternative – like PayPort’s credit card solutions that do not require a bank machine but will work via your mobile, PC or tablet – allowing your clients to enjoy the option of paying with their credit card. Offering credit card solutions to clients, as well as Cheque and Debit cards for online payments, means your client feels they have more options, making it is easy to do business with you.

You have removed barriers to entry and are more likely to retain a client this way, and just remember, increasing your payment options available to potential clients, you automatically increase your target market.


2. Are Credit Card Solutions Safe and Secure?

With so many South Africans transacting online and with credit cards, it is surprising that merchants still experience hesitation and questions around the trust and security of these payments.

South Africans are notoriously wary of being taken for a ride, therefore it is vital that the merchant educates their potential clients and cardholders, about the security measures currently in place and available to them, and display and the necessary security protocol accreditation symbols to allay these fears.

PayPort SA takes security very seriously, and is approved by and affiliated with PSSF, PASA and most importantly PCI DSS – bodies that ensure trustworthy and secure credit card and online payments. With these accreditations, you can be assured that their Facilities and gateway, have been poked and prodded for weak points of entry by the very best in the business, to keep out the very best in the business.


3. Will Internet Connection Delay Payment?

For merchants who trade online, you know how vitally important it is to have a site that loads fast, is mobile optimised, and has a good user experience. Even stores that are not e-commerce enabled need internet connectivity of some sort. Your online store’s internet speed and connectivity is dependent on your internet service provider. However, the payment portal that leads clients to PayPort SA’s credit card solutions page is fast, secure and reliable. Your transaction will be paid in real time and your clients will get speedy confirmation of their payment – once again convincing them of the trustworthiness and ease-of-transaction of your brand.


Do you have any questions about credit card solutions? Please contact us for answers.

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